Carly Considers: Keeping Up During COVID-19

Carly Schrager, CEO & Founder of Definitive Results, provides some essential tips on how to manage your work life during the COVID-19 crisis, and how to come out stronger on the other side.

Carly Considers: Keeping Up During COVID-19

Remember all the times you’ve said, “Sure, when I have time,” or, “I’d LOVE to do that…if I could find the time”…?

Well, if your work has lightened up while others are dealing with more pressing issues…now is your time! Look to the lower part of your “To Do” list.  Hold the brainstorming session you’ve been wanting to have.  Map out and build those nurture programs you have been meaning to get to.  Re-think your lead scoring logic – dig into some data to drive a new model!  The possibilities are endless.

In a time where most of us are working from home, consider creative ways for virtual group brainstorming.  We love a good virtual brainstorming session – while one team member mans the whiteboard (on screen), you and your colleagues can throw out every idea you can think of to see what forms into something new, and all over your favorite snack or beverage. If you’re looking for topics, I recommend discussing hot topics such as the drive for marketing-sales alignment, innovative ideas for multi-channel campaigns, or a new ABM implementation plan.

Think about what marketing techniques that you, as a businessperson, will respond to during this new period in our lives where an in-person dynamic is out of the question. How are companies effectively reaching you – what do you want to hear about, what will make you respond to them?  Consider how to apply this to your audience.  When the world inevitably resumes human interaction again, these techniques will be serve as great supplements to your “normal” marketing efforts. We all come out stronger after this!

The one takeaway I hope you leave with after reading this: take some space and time – carve out some personal time for you and pro-actively connect with your loved ones- get on the floor and play with your kids, your pets, and don’t forget to BREATHE! You may be surprised by the feeling of refreshment, the new ideas that will come to you, and the different ways you can see your new “normal”.

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