Marketing to Millennials

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Marketing to Millennials

Everyone talks about “the Millennials”, those currently aged 18-34, so what’s the deal? What do we, as marketers, need to know?  At Inbox Summit on 9/9, a panel of marketers shared their learnings on what works with this up and coming generation.  A few of the key rules are below:

  • Personalize! Just personalizing email isn’t enough. This generation is multi-channel all the time and they EXPECT a consistent experience across all channels.
  • You want their data…and they know it! They’re not unwilling to share their data but they know that it has value When their experience will be enhanced, they will be happy to share with you.
  • They DO read emails! But test sending at different times of day. They are most likely to pay attention to your emails when they are winding down in bed at night and first thing in the morning.
  • Give them the power! They appreciate being able to customize the frequency and topics of communications you send them. Don’t we all?

This large group of working people are not ALL that different from the rest of us. So let’s take a hint from them and step up our marketing game!  Need some help on your path to get there?  No problem, we can help!

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