Did You Miss the Sirius Decisions Summit? Don’t Miss the Takeaways!

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Did You Miss the Sirius Decisions Summit? Don’t Miss the Takeaways!

For those of us who weren’t able to attend this year’s Sirius Decisions Summit in Nashville, we found a great list of conference takeaways tweeted by Marilyn Cox, Director of Industry Marketing for the Oracle Marketing Cloud, and thought we’d highlight a few interesting themes.

First, campaign strategy and planning are necessary. Developing lead nurturing campaigns for different types of buyers at different stages of the buying cycle is critical to guiding prospects along their journey to the next stage in the buying process.

Second, the role of marketing doesn’t end with passing leads off to sales. Marketing MUST talk to sales…often! Create a seamless transition from marketing to sales for your buyer.

Finally, monitor, measure, and evaluate performance! Establish key performance metrics but also…go beyond the numbers and use them to identify areas of improvement to guide the development of future goals, strategies, and processes. For a roadmap to reporting success, visit our guides – Part I and Part II.

Need help with lead nurturing or getting the most out of your marketing automation for better alignment with sales and to report on performance? Check out our Knowledge Center or contact us!

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