A few of my favorite things…in the Oracle Eloqua Latest Release

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A few of my favorite things…in the Oracle Eloqua Latest Release

A few of my favorite things…with Eloqua

The latest Oracle Eloqua release is happening now! If you haven’t noticed these changes in your Eloqua yet, you will see them by December 15. Here are the new release dates:

December 2, 2014 (POD2)
December 7, 2014 (POD3)
December 15, 2014 (POD1)

Don’t know what POD you’re on? Easy peasy: go to Settings>Setup>Company Defaults>POD.

What are your favorite new release features? Here are a few of our favorite things

Two new cool email features were released which every user will be able to appreciate. Emails created in the WYSIWYG aka Awesome editor will now dynamically resize based on the populated content for cloud, dynamic, and shared content. This will prevent content from being cut off when it is larger than what was originally configured in the email editor. The flow mode option will also help render a more mobile-friendly version. Learn more

Previewing emails has gotten much easier with the ability to preview your emails and landing pages as multiple contacts. The coolest feature (in my opinion) is that the preview capability now also allows you to view the content in desktop, tablet or mobile aspect ratios!

You may have already been utilizing the A/B testing feature in the Simple Email Campaigns but it is now a general feature which does not require access. Also within A/B Testing, the View Participant link now separates the included and excluded contacts onto separate tabs. Learn more

To help ease Eloqua maintenance and general usage, the following updates have been made:

  • Delete multiple signature rules at one time, learn more;
  • Status column automatically expands when viewing the Campaign Step Members window;
  • Helpful tooltips are displayed when hovering over Sent, Total Open, Total Clicks, and Conversions in the Simple Email Campaign; and
  • Select and drag and drop multiple steps on to the campaign canvas in one step. (My second favorite feature of this release!)

We also are stoked about some of the new apps aka cloud connectors and will be testing them out like the Salesforce Campaign Association.

We’d love to hear from you! What are YOUR favorite new release features? Please leave your comments for a chance to win a date with Julie Andrews. J

Need help with understanding or using any of these new features? Holler at us.

Source: http://topliners.eloqua.com/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/8786-102-6-19606/OracleEloqua_E10_RecentReleases_WhatsNew.pdf

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