Don’t Get Suspended! Learn How to Keep Your Eloqua University Record Clean.

Don’t Get Suspended! Learn How to Keep Your Eloqua University Record Clean.

Eloqua University

As a smart and savvy marketer, you were most likely an honor roll student back in high school (possibly even a nerd) and never experienced a suspension. Well don’t start now! If you’re a current Eloqua University student, learn how to avoid the penalties coming in 2015.

This week, Oracle announced that in 2015, the Eloqua University name is changing and you’ll now be enrolled into the Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy (OMC Academy). This new academy will support the entire Oracle Marketing Cloud including the four service lines: B2B Cross-Channel Marketing, B2C Cross-Channel Marketing, Content Marketing, and Data Management.

Andrew Conlan, Sr. Director of Product Training, Oracle Marketing Cloud shared the benefits of the OMC Academy:

  • World class training on all Oracle Marketing Cloud products using the same great delivery methods that our customers are used to.
  • A deeper library of strategic content to help our customers be more successful in their job roles.
  • New webinar series that will cover deep dives, new features, tips and tricks, and more, all conducted by Oracle Marketing Cloud product experts.
  • Release of the new Oracle Marketing Cloud website that will allow easy access to the Academy training.


Avoid a Suspension

In addition to the name change, a strict new attendance policy will be enforced at the OMC Academy. Starting January 1, 2015 a strict no-show policy will be in effect for live, instructor-led courses. If you fail to attend TWO classes without prior notification, you will receive a temporary suspension of your OMC Academy access.

What is considered “prior notification”? 24 hours in advance! The instructors are requesting that you withdraw from a class at least 24 hours in advance to avoid suspension! Busy work schedules, pending deadlines, and sick children do not always allow you the benefit of a 24 hour notice. If you need to cancel within the 24 hour window then you should email the Help Desk to inform them of your cancellation. However, if it is close to the start time (example 2 hours before the class) then you will still receive the dreaded “NO SHOW” on your transcript which will count against your TWO strikes leading up to your suspension!

If you are like most of us and have difficulty following the rules and end up suspended you don’t get a day off like you did in high school! You will be notified by email and your account will be automatically suspended. To regain access you’ll need to email the Help Desk (and apologize!). If your account is suspended more than once (you’ve skipped four classes) you’ll have to contact your Account Manager.

Extra Credit

Learn how to drop a class with more than 24 hours notice (you are a scheduling rock star!).

Use the Education suggestion box to share your ideas for new classes, structure, and timing recommendations.

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