The Best Eloqua Reports for Measuring Your Lead Scoring Efforts

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The Best Eloqua Reports for Measuring Your Lead Scoring Efforts

A recent post on the Eloqua blog identified the best Eloqua reports for measuring your lead scoring efforts.  There are also several data and modelling tips that we found very helpful.


  • #MQLs by Lead Score and Geography
  • #MQLs Converted by Lead Score
  • #MQLs Rejected by lead Score

These three reports will help you identify potential problems with your lead scoring, and the following tips may come in handy.

Data Tips:

  • Remember that certain standardized fields, such as job role, won’t be applicable globally.
  • People frequently fill out inaccurate information, in an effort to get through forms as quickly as possible.  Shortening forms can significantly increase data accuracy.

Modeling Tips:

  • Think carefully about the scoring weights of “profile” vs “behavior.”  Is it more valuable to you to have a CEO download a white paper, or a manager take ten different actions on your site?
  • Remember that a lead scoring program should be dynamic.  Just because the program was set up in a particular way, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t evaluate its effectiveness and tweak it regularly.  Content and priorities change over time, and you shouldn’t allow your lead scoring program to stagnate.

Check out the full article here.

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