Questions to Ask About Your Content Marketing Strategy

Questions to Ask About Your Content Marketing Strategy

Eloqua’s blog featured a great post recently, with 3 questions to ask when building a content marketing strategy.

The questions include:

1. What purpose does my content serve?
The content you create will support all of your sales and marketing efforts. Do yourself the courtesy of outlining your plan before you begin and making iterations along the way. Be nimble enough to adapt to the changing needs of your business and your audience.

2. How will I measure success?
Define your success metrics before you begin your content creation journey. Metrics can take many forms including goal conversions, form completion, white paper downloads, contest entries, email collection.  Measuring the success of your content allows you to adapt to changing trends in the marketplace, capitalize on high-performing topics and abandon topics that aren’t resonating with your audience.

3. How do I make the most of my efforts?
Savvy marketers know to think broadly about the channels on which material will live. When drafting a blog post, think of how you can extract data points for social graphics or infographics. How will you condense your long-form content down to social posts? How do you introduce your topic to LinkedIn groups?

For those in who are building a content marketing strategy, these questions could provide a great starting point.

Check out the full article here.

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