10 Tips for More Effective Marketing Campaigns

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10 Tips for More Effective Marketing Campaigns

It seems like we’re always posting the “top 10 tips” for enhancing your marketing campaigns, but this one stands out.  We love all of the recommendations, and here are our favorites:

1.  It’s all about delivery, verification, and bounce reduction.
Permission-based lists and clean data have the best chance of getting response. Make sure your email solution has high deliverability rates, and can track message activity (deliveries, bounces, click-throughs), or you’re just wasting marketing budget.

2.  You better aim before you shoot.
Segment your lists based on prospect attributes (e.g. location, industry) and behaviour (e.g., attending a webinar). Aim your messages and content to the known needs/ interests of the list segments to capture attention and enhance response.

3. Create a marketing ecosystem that walks, talks and works together.
Your email campaigns, website, social media channels and sales team all need to have the same key messages and value propositions. An integrated marketing automation platform will track your buyer’s actions across channels and give you (and your sales team) a complete picture of that prospect’s interests and needs so you can tailor your outreach to them as a unique individual.

6. Email haiku – you have 3 seconds to make an impression.
Can you answer these three questions: “What am I asking them to do?”, “Why should they care?”, and “Am I making it easy for them to act?” Have just one objective in an email, and make your call to action clear and easy to respond to.

And most importantly…

9.  Don’t miss the boat – track behaviours and metrics.
Demographics, psychographics, on-line and off-line interactions, transactions and responses deepen customer profiles and should be used to drive personalized, relevant, and timely communications, as well as sales engagement.


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